Friday, July 13, 2012

Lovely Linky: Top Five Friday

I am linking up with a blogger friend of mine {who has an awesome blog that you should all check out}. I love reading about her adventures with her husband, military life, and her new puppy and she has this awesome link-up party on Friday's called Top 5 Friday. Essentially, you have a chance to reflect on all the awesome things that happened in the past week and share some with everyone.

Top Five Friday

Before I begin, I just want to say that this week (and the one before) has been super awesome, considering my husband and I finally got to go on our honeymoon. We got to do a bunch of awesome things this week.

1. After we got back from our cruise on Sunday, we went back to the airport to pick up our car. We got to pick whichever car we wanted from a row of spaces. As you can see, Jordan was really excited to see a brand new beetle VW, so we got that one for the 4 days we would be spending on Orlando. {I think the car is kind of ugly, so I'm glad we didn't buy this car forreals}. Anyway, when we got to our condo, we basically got to relax the rest of the afternoon. Definite bonus because the cruise kept us busy from the early(ish) hours of the morning until late(ish) at night!

{Taken at night outside the park.}
{Doesn't that look awesome?? 
Not only is this a fantastic roller coaster, but they also have a video camera and you can personalize the music that plays. 
At the end, you can watch clips from your video (or buy it). Needless to say, it's pretty sweet} 
2. We went to Universal Studios & Adventure Island on Monday and Tuesday. The lines on Monday were pretty good, so we did everything we wanted to do in both parks on Monday! So on Tuesday, we just kind of moseyed around the park picking the rides we liked to do again.
*Let me just tell you something about Universal Studios. The go out of their way to individualize every ride. So when you go on the Harry Potter ride, everyone is in HP robes, and act like they are wizards in a castle. It is super fun.

{Butter beer mustache competition--who wore it better?}
3. We got to try Butter beer! And I must say, it was quite good! {Especially the foamy stuff on top}. Jordan, who doesn't like soda {or anything carbonated for that matter} really liked it as well. For those of you who are wondering, butter beer tastes kind of like carbonated hard caramel candies. Kind of. It's really sweet though. It does not taste like butter or beer, contrary to its name {well, I don't know about the beer part, but I don't think so}.

 {Just another random  picture of us on a ride. Goofs}

 {Us being excited}

{And Jordan and I trying to be like the blue men}

 {Front row seats merit ponchos. We didn't actually end up needing them though.}

4. While we were at the park, we passed by a booth giving out Blue Man Group tickets {we got ours for free!}. Well, free in the sense that we had to spend 2 hours listening to something about timeshares that we weren't going to buy {and didn't}. We were given some pretty not so great seats. Middle(ish) of the auditorium, and all the way on the end of the row. Then one of the ushers walked over to us and asked if we would like a better view, and of course we said yes! She led us closer and closer to the front row and finally sat us down right in the front row! We were pretty stoked. The blue man group was pretty weird and awesome at the same time. I had no idea what they did, but now I know! And if you want to get a glimpse, check out this video I'm pretty sure was not supposed to be taken......

{Ghirardelli mint shake, with a whole yummy bar inside}

 {A personalized Princess CD made just for Jordan!}

{That thing in the background is made of legos. Neat, huh?)

5. On our last day in Orlando, we stopped by Downtown Disney. We didn't buy anything, we just walked around, but it was fun to see. Plus, how can you go to Orlando and not do something Disney related?? Our honeymoon was awesome. We got to go on a cruise, spend a couple extra days in Orlando, relax a little, spend a lot of time together, have fun, learn some new skills {you will see what I mean by this in a future post about our honeymoon}.


  1. looks like you had so much fun! welcome home!

  2. Elyse, thank you so much or linking up. I'm flattered! And I also LOVED reading about this! I'm so glad you two got to get your honeymoon in finally. I remember thinking how hard that must've been not to be able to go right away. You guys are such troopers! Hope things are treatin' you well and thanks again girly!!