Sunday, July 15, 2012

Read This. Really.

I have to admit. Sometimes Most of the time, I am far off the band wagon. Like in-the-mud-all-by-myself-unaware-of-what-the-bandwagon-even-is off.

But I have recently been hearing about a book called 50 Shades of Gray and a movie, Magic Mike. I don't know terribly much about either, but I know enough to stay far away from them.

Maybe they have great stories. Maybe there is an ounce of good. Maybe the whole book/movie is just fantastic. Maybe I'm too prude. Close minded. Afraid. Unwilling.

But I also know to be careful about the things I put into my mind.

I invite you. Yes, you. To read this. I strongly agree with this girl. I commend her for the courage I know it took to write it.

Regardless of your belief system {yes, she does talk about her belief in Christianity, but also addresses the issue for those who aren't Christian}, it is imperative to filter what you allow to go into your mind.

I don't talk about my religion much on my blog. But I just adore this quote.

"If your faith is tied up in people-pleasing, and following rules in order to be accepted by people, your faith is in trouble. I used to resent Christians, because I didn’t feel like I needed to live a certain way in order for God to love me. And that’s the truth. God loves you, no matter what. But here’s the thing: if you believe that God, your Father, loves you, and only wants the best for you, it follows that you would, out of respect and love for Him, do your best to live in a way that honors Him, and brings glory to his name. It is IMPOSSIBLE to be happy living that life if you are looking to others for validation. So many of us have tried doing just that, and failed miserably."

                                         -50 Shades of Magic Mike (In Which I am VERY UNCOOL)


  1. thanks for sharing this! i agree with you 1000%

    xo, b.

  2. new follower! so glad to be following along - would love to have you do the same!

  3. Great post. I read her article & it has so much truth to it! I too knew that there was no way I'd be seeing magic mike, but never realized what that book was about! yikes. it's truly amazing the double standard that's out there and I'm pretty surprised more people aren't speaking up against women {and men} viewing/reading this stuff!

  4. Just found your blog via Mr. D + Me. :) And I totally agree with you about this book. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and standing up for what you believe in. Also, who said that quote? It's fantastic!


  5. I haven't read that article...but I do know that I will be staying away from Magic Mike and 50 Shades. I was talking to my husband about Magic Mike and I was wondering how many women who are going to see this would be ok with their husbands going to see a movie about female strippers? I'm betting not many of them...

    At least not me.

    We do our best to only allow good things into our home.

  6. Thanks for sharing this. I am a new follower of your blog and it's nice to see other people who feel the same way about trying to control what they expose themselves to.