Friday, July 27, 2012

Lovely Linkup: Friday Letters

I don't know if my last post really emphasized my "busy-ness," but oh my heck! The mister and I have spent the last week packing, moving, driving, looking, and being really really tired.

I have to admit, I kind of love linking up to other blogs because it's kind of fun to join in this communal thing. Maybe I'm just unoriginal. Who knows ;)

Dear Friday,

{Black Iris Photography. Have I mentioned she's amazing?? 
Also, I'm kind of a nerd sometimes. This was taken in the most adorable little bookshop in northern Utah}

Dear Friday, Are you really here? This week has gone by so fast! Dear husband, thank you for driving so much this past week! I don't mind driving, but it sure is nice if you do :) Dear eyes, why do you hurt so much?? Dear iPhone, thanks for saving us about a million times this trip! Seriously, life would not be the same without you! Dear California, thanks for being much, much cooler than Texas. Especially at night. Dear me, Remember that you don't have to compare yourself to everyone else. It's hard I know. Especially when you know you can do better. You will get there, I promise. Just have faith. Dear bed, please stop calling me so vigorously! I'm trying!! Dear Amazing Blackberries that we bought at a roadside stand, I'm so sorry we completely forgot about you at the hotel we stayed at! I wish I could go back, but you are long gone by now. Dear Summer, pretty pretty please just go a little bit slower!

Hope you all had a wonderful Friday!


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