Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lovely Link-up: Is That Normal?

So, it's quite possible {likely even} that I am several days late to this link-up party over at Chalk in the Rain, but I was really excited when I saw it because the mister gets to answer these questions too! We'll see how he feels about this. 

As I write, I am currently watching my good friend, Ariel, wash a dish that I dirtied {we are at her house right now}. I am thinking that I will involve her and her husband in this little questionnaire too. Ready?

Is it normal for 2 men to hug?
Elyse: It depends. Family? Totally. Really good friends? Absolutely. Strangers? Probably not so normal.

Jordan {my mister}: It depends. I'd say it's normal for two friends to hug.

Ariel: Yeah. Caleb and his best friend got pictures at our wedding pretending to kiss each other. Friends or men that have an emotional reason to hug. 
Caleb {Ariel's mister}: Ummm...yeah. {typical guy response :) }

Is it normal to gag on your toothbrush while brushing?
Elyse: I do when I brush my tongue. But not if I'm just brushing my teeth, no.
Jordan: Normal is such a vague term. Uhh...normal? I don't know. 
I can't say I've gagged on my toothbrush. 
No, I'll say no. If I'm gagging on my toothbrush, it means I went too far.

Ariel: Nope.

Caleb: Depends on how well you're brushing your teeth.

Is it normal wear the same bra daily?
Elyse: Ummm.............sometimes? I mean, I have never ever....done that...
Jordan: I'd say yes. I mean, I do...

Ariel: Yes, I wear the same one more than once at least.

Caleb: I don't. {Totally serious saying this}. I don't think it's abnormal. It depends on how much you like the bra I guess.

Is it normal for grown women to frequently use the words "like" or "um" while speaking?
Elyse: I guess, it's, like, pretty, umm, common. So, like, yeah. Normal.

Jordan:Unfortunately, yes. In the context of valley girl. But otherwise, still yes.

Ariel: As in common? Yes.

Caleb: Ummm, like, I think so, like, yeah.

Is it normal eat cake batter/dough?
Elyse: Yes. I LOVE cookie dough!! Yeah, it's probably not good, but it's SO good! I've never gotten sick.

Jordan: No. Well, cookie dough, yes. Cake batter seems a little weird to me.

Ariel: Yeah. I never did, but I think a lot of people do.

Caleb: Yeah. I think it's deliciously normal.

Is it normal to go "commando" in public/at work?
Elyse: No. It feels weird. It makes me almost shudder just thinking about it.

Jordan: Sure. I guess we wouldn't know. 
I find it uncomfortable, but if I had to do it, I would.

Ariel: It's not normal for me to go commando, but I think it's getting increasingly popular in society. I've noticed on TV that nobody wears underwear anymore.

Caleb: I don't think it's that normal.
Is it normal to have long toenails?
Elyse: No. I feel SO weird having even longish toenails. But I'm trying to actually have decent toenails to paint. But toenails that are too long are kind of gross.

Jordan: No. Oh good heavens. {I wish I could post his face when I asked this question. It was definitely one of disgust}

Ariel: No. That's gross.

Caleb: No.
Is it normal  to try on an article of clothing in the middle of the store?
Elyse: Yes, but only if you try it on over what you're already wearing. I've done that. Totally not normal to strip in the store. That's weird.

Jordan: It depends if you have to take something off or not.

Ariel: If it's an over clothing, like a jacket, yeah. But if it requires you to take off anything, then no.

Caleb: Depends on what it is, but generally no.
Is it normal to tell someone to be quiet or "shhhh" someone in a quiet setting?  ie. church, movie theater, meeting, etc.
Elyse: If the whole group is being loud and it's time to be quiet, I totally have no problem being that person that shushes everyone. If the person behind me is being loud, I am fine turning around and asking if they will please be quiet. But if it's something that I cannot control {i.e. a baby crying}, no. But I might wish that the parent take their kid into the hall. But I wouldn't say anything.

Jordan: Uhh, yes.

Ariel: If they're being obnoxious to everybody, then probably. But if they're being obnoxious to only you, then probably not.

Caleb: Yes.
It it normal to change clothes multiple times before leaving the house?
Elyse: Yes! Have you ever thought of a cute outfit in your mind, only to realize once you've put it on, that it's really not that cute? Yeah, that happens to me a lot. So yes. Totally normal. Plus, my husband has very little sense of style, so I sometimes make him change :)

Jordan: No. Only if you're married to my wife, who makes me change several times before I leave.

Ariel: If you're a girl.

Caleb: No.

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  1. I love Jordan's comment to the last question. That is hilarious. Well, happy Monday! :)