Friday, July 27, 2012

Homeless {but not Holmes-less}

{haha, get it? Not Holmes-less?
Like, cause our last name is Holmes?

Okay, here's the story:
I am homeless 
{Okay, technically, we {Jordan and I} are homeless}

So remember how I told you all that I was moving? 
Well, we did.

Kind of.

Jordan and I are moving to California soon.
Like, we-have-to-be-there-in-September soon.

So, to save money, we decided to completely move out of our house,
Put everything in a storage unit,
and leave.

*Deep breath*
Here goes.

Right before we left on our honeymoon
{literally, right before we left}
Jordan got news that we were to be at our next station by September 21.
Well, we were planning on going to Utah for a couple of weeks in August.
But then we wanted to go look for a house.

When we got back from our honeymoon, 
we got permission {which is a big deal when you're in the military} 
to go on "permissive TDY" {aka permission to go look for a house}
And combine it with leave {aka permission to go to Utah}.
 So we were planning to be gone for a month.
A month!

And when we get back, we will only be in town for a couple of weeks.
And then we are really {for reals} moving.
So since we were going to be gone for a month
And we have a few awesome friends who are willing to put up with us for a couple of weeks,
We decided to move out of our home,
Put it all into a storage unit {a very dusty one I might add}
And save the $1000+ it cost to live there.

But since we don't have a home in California
Or in Texas
{or anywhere else for that matter}
We literally, have no home.

And let me tell you, 
it feels weird. 

But I'm so grateful for good friends and family.
We would not have been able to do it without you...
{taking care of our cat
taking us in
watching our car
helping us move

p.s. Lots of driving + no stops + no wifi = no blogging time :(

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  1. I'm so sorry you have to go through this! But on the bright side, soon you'll have a house in CALI! I love it there, I was born there after all ;) Good luck with everything!