Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lovely Linky: Seven Questions

Today I am linking up with Gentri Lee's Seven Questions {check out her awesome blog here}. I've just started doing these, so I've missed a couple, but here goes.

Please excuse the terrible quality of the photo, but this was taken this past December 
{around Christmastime}, when Jordan and I visited Toronto. 
Jordan {my husband} lived in Toronto for two years 
{he served a mission, which is an LDS thing}. 
On our visit, we went to a restaurant called "O Noir." 

Now, this restaurant is no ordinary restaurant. 
The servers are blind 
{see the guy on the right? He was our server, and yes, he is blind}, 
and instead of sitting at a normal table where you can see 
the people you're eating with and what you're eating, 
you are led into a completely dark room. 

Before going into the room, you pick out your meal {they have a two or three course meal}. 
You can either choose what you want 
or you can choose to be surprised! 
I chose to be surprised for the dessert, 
but I wanted to know what my meal was! 
Jordan chose surprise everything {which is not surprising}.

It was an interesting and awesome experience. 
 {oh yeah, and Jordan's surprise dinner included chicken, but when I tasted it, 
I couldn't tell what it was at first! 
It's a completely different experience when you can't see what you're eating.}

1. What is your favorite day of the week and why?
Hmm, that's hard, but I love Saturdays. 
My husband works 12 hours a day, 
comes home and studies, 
and goes to sleep. 
But on Saturdays I feel like I actually get to see him and spend time with him.
{I also love Sundays for the same reason, plus I get to go to church}

2. If you decided to change your name, what would you change it to?
I don't know that I would want to change my name. I actually really love my name.
But if I did, maybe Aria. Because I think that name is so pretty.

3. What is one product you use (it can be for anything) that you feel is a miracle worker?
My grandparents own this company called MiraCell. MiraCell is a natural oil that soothes skin irritations {bites, burns, scratches, cuts, etc}, and heals scars. 

Well, last summer, I was running and fell. Onto pavement. 
Naturally, I used my hands to stop my fall.
Unfortunately, that was a bad idea. I scraped my hand up pretty bad.
But I used MiraCell every day and I don't even have a scar.
Plus, it stopped the pain.
Oh yeah, and did I mention that it was completely gone in two weeks?

{Unfortunately, I don't have the pictures on my computer. 
Hopefully I can update this post with the pictures when I get home}

4. High heels, flats, sneakers, or boots?
Flats. Or flat boots. But that doesn't mean I don't love heels. I just rarely wear them.

5. You see your favorite celebrity (it can be any kid of celebrity- movie star, singer, writer, political leader, blogger) walking down the street, what do you do?
I don't have a favorite celebrity {I don't think}, but if I saw any celebrity, I would just think it pretty awesome and go say hi!

6. If you could pick one item to never have to pay for again, what would it be?
Um, wow. Gas, definitely. Or clothes.

7. what was your favorite tv show or movie growing up?
I was a sucker for "Hey Arnold!" growing up.


  1. That restaurant sounds really neat! & I just found out they still show Hey Arnold on teen nick sometimes...I gotta watch it again!

  2. Wow, I've never heard of that restaurant, and I've been to Toronto a million times. Hope I remember to go next I'm back there... I wonder if Jordan knows any Toronto Downings"!

  3. I loved Saturdays too during UPT! :) That was the designated "makamae" day, where we got to do whatever I wanted, since I pretty much never got to spend time with him the other 5 1/2 days of the week.

  4. Love Hey Arnold! And I think I need to try one of those restaurants some time. :)