Monday, May 28, 2012

Send Something Good: Big Reveal Link Up!

A couple months ago, I signed up for a blogging gift exchange called Send Something Good. It started through Gentri Lee's blog.

The idea is to get to know other bloggers all around the world and to send something good to a secret blogger you have and receive something good in return.

I had so much fun with this project and it was so fun to get to know my secret blogger, who I now adore. She has a super cute blog aka Rose and Lou {{}} AND an adorable etsy shop {p.s. She has a sale going on this weekend! Hop on over to her blog to check it out!}

She loved all sorts of things, so I just picked a few from all the things she loved. Can you guess what they are?

1. Stationary + Vintage = Super cute vintage map stationary {at least I thought it was cute} :)

2. This one is kind of tricky. The box looks similar to the previous one, but instead of stationary, it has tea in it! Same with the little white package wrapped with a bow. 

 3. A bundle of vintage-inspired fabric tied neatly with a bow.

4. Fabric state map in a frame {she and I are both from New York, how awesome is that?} The package was tied with a teal {one of her fav colors}, sparkly {which she also likes} scarf/belt.
{{p.s. check out the state map DIY here}}

5. A journal. This one I feel the need to explain a bit. She is going to be married soon, and my intention for this journal was to be a cute way for her and her soon-to-be husband to write love notes to one another. Or just as a journal to document her engagement/wedding/marriage. Whatever she chooses :)

I was so caught up and excited about giving Traci {my secret blogger's name} her gift, that I didn't really think too much about my gift! So when it came, I totally wasn't expecting it and it was an awesome surprise.

My secret blogger was Ashlie Blake over at Painting Bliss. She is a mixed media artist and creates some very beautiful pieces! Seriously, I'm so impressed with her sense of creativity. Plus I love her adorable handwriting. These were my gifts from her.
{please excuse the terrible pictures!}

A bamboo spoon and fork, perfect for salad serving
Some vintage buttons, which I adore
A cute blush hat with an adorable flower
{and did I mention it's handmade?}
A fun firefly necklace to see in the dark
And a stationary set that really a work of art {complete with a stamp and an E for Elyse}
And finally, and probably best was the beautiful handmade mixed media art made just for us.

If I were any good at poem writing, that might have rhymed....haha.

Anyway, this was such a fantastic opportunity and I'm so grateful I got to be a part of it. Now go check out the other awesome blogs!


  1. So beautiful! you did an awesome job!

  2. wow...this was a great post! thanks for explanations. i looooove the fabric state mao in a gorgeous frame. and that fox print thing she sent you is soo adorable!!

  3. So now I finally get to say a ginormous THANK YOU!!! (i tried to look up your email address and couldn't find it so I couldn't even email you). I was SO excited to get my package in the mail, and I was even more excited by all the yummy tea that saved my throat when I was sick. And just thank you so very very much for being awesome.

  4. OH! and I just realized that we both have bunting banners in our blog header thingy <3 we're like meant to be friends lol

  5. How lovely!

  6. the vintage buttons are such a cute idea to give! and i love how you labeled her little gifts.

  7. LOVE that white picture frame, and your numbers you made are so beautiful! Seriously. I bet you have fabulous handwriting.

    1. It's funny you say that Tegan because I actually really don't like my handwriting. Sometimes I'll be writing and notice my handwriting and think, "wow, that's actually not half bad," and then I look at the whole page and realize that, yeah, it really is half...well, whole, bad. Haha, I should practice better handwriting.

  8. The love journal.. what an absolutely ADORABLE idea. Hmm, I'm inspired to make a love notes journal for my love and me. That would be so much fun! Thanks friend!! :)