Tuesday, May 8, 2012

DIY: Fabric State Map

Have you seen all of those print outs of state maps? You know, the designed ones that look really pretty? Well, that was kind of my inspiration for this. But this was much easier to do (well for me at least since I'm not terribly great at design).

{Please excuse the terrible pictures. It was night time when I made these and I used my phone's camera}

DIY Fabric State Map


Two contrasting fabrics
State map cut out {I found this map online, printed it, and cut it out}

The size of the map will depend on the frame size you want to use. I used an 8x10 frame and I liked the way it looked, but it might also look nice in a really small frame. It really depends on how the state you choose is shaped.

1. Choose your two contrasting fabrics. I love the vintage flower-y look, so I used that as the fabric for the state. For the background fabric, you want something really plain, otherwise it will {most likely} look too busy. I chose a plain royal blue color for this one. {Note: You can also switch it and have the background be a little crazier and the state be simpler.}

2. Place your cut out state backwards on the wrong side of the fabric {aka the side you don't want showing}. That way you can trace it without having to worry about pen/pencil marks on the front of the fabric.

3. Next, cut out the fabric you plan to use for the back. To do this, I just put the back of the frame on it and used that as the template

3. Once it's traced on, cut it out and glue it on to the fabric you've chosen for the back.

And voila! You have your finished project. I like the first one {the teal & flowered one pictured at the top} I did much better, mostly because the state cutout turned out much better. But if you mess up, it's pretty easy to redo :)

P.S. I'm not so sure how I feel about the crazy frame with the crazy fabric. Maybe a more muted frame might suit this one better. But {of course} you should do what you like :)


  1. I LOVE it! I'm definitely going to do one for Rhode Island!!

  2. So cute! Would be a great idea for greeting cards... Found you through Send Something Good :)