Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The 26.2-mile Project {week 3}

Oh my heck, how in the world am I only on week 3?? And there are more months of this??
Okay, just kidding {kind of}

Monday 4/23: 2-3 miles {I ran 3}
Tuesday 4/24: 4-5 miles {I ran 5}
Wednesday 4/25: 3-4 miles {I ran 4}
Thursday 4/26: 4-5 miles {I ran 0...oops! Wow, I'm pretty good at slacking off!}
Friday 4/27: 7-8 miles {I ran 5 to make up for Thursday}
Saturday 4/28: {I ran 8 miles to make up for Friday}

Total: 25 miles {Wahoo! I made my goal this week. Next week's goal is 27, though I might not make it. This past weekend was super busy and I didn't run yesterday and I didn't run as far as I should have today. We'll see though.}

Dance, er, ahem, Run to the Music!

My "Running Playlist" on my iPod is kind of odd. You see, I'm very particular about the music 
I listen to. I can't just run to anything {as most people can't}. 

And it has nothing to do with the beat. 
{Okay, almost nothing.}

When I run, the music has to inspire me in someway. Make me feel some sort of emotion
{does that make sense at all??}

It can be an inspirational song {even if it has little to no strong beat}.
It can be a song that makes me really happy or angry.
It can even be a song I would never ever ever listen to if I weren't running.

So without further ado, my running playlist {artist only}:
{owl city}
{mindy gledhill}
{one republic} 
{taylor swift}
{avril lavine}
{boys like girls}
{michael buble}
{ok go}
{iron and wine}
{angels & airwaves}

But I skip songs a lot. And I sometimes turn to my Pandora stations:
{taylor swift station}
{today's hip hop and rap station}
{alternative endurance station}
{today's hits station}

 And then I still skip songs. 

Running music is hard for me to find because I'm so particular about it. 

Do you have any running/workout songs that help you?


  1. Did you have GI tract problems when you first started running longer distances? My body has had a hard time adjusting to running longer distances. Maybe I'm just old. Anyway, I use jog.fm to try to find songs that go with the pace I'd like to run. So if I feel like running slower, I pick a pace and find songs that work with that pace. For speed, I like +44 & Flogging Molly.

  2. HA. I totally mis-read some of what you wrote. OK. So one song that makes me feel better when I run is "Domino" by Jessie J. It just makes me want to dance while I'm running. I think I may have sang outloud while I was running to it once (it was in a neighborhood, which I think is less embarrassing than a gym).