Saturday, August 4, 2012

Top Five Friday

This week has been pretty awesome. Other than all the driving, Jordan and I have a lot of awesome things happening with our family right now. It's going to be hard to narrow my week to just 5 things, but here goes!

Top Five Friday

{Isn't she such a gorgeous woman??}

1. Yesterday was my grandma's birthday {on my dad's side} and I was SO lucky to go to lunch with her and two of my aunts because we are in Utah!! 

So I want to wish my lovely Grandmother a very happy birthday with many, many more to come because let's face it, life wouldn't be as good without Grandma! {Especially my grandma}.

2. My brother and sister-in-law are having a baby this month!!! {Yay!!!} And I am SO excited. And lucky to take some maternity pictures. {Want to see some more? Check out my Facebook page here}. And isn't she so stinkin' gorgeous?! I am just in love with this shoot!

3. Oh yeah, speaking of eventful months, did I mention my other brother is getting married? Yup, on August 18. They already had some engagements, but I took some of my own. Gosh, they are so adorable together. I love the love between the two of them. I'm excited for their wedding. Oh yeah, check out more photos here.

4. Spending lots of time with family. It has been so awesome to spend so much time with family {and friends} that Jordan and I have been away from for the past 10 months away from everyone. I'm going to be sad when we leave :( But at least we'll only be 10 hours away instead of 20!

5. I am going to love living in California. Look at this gorgeousness?! The trees. The green. The sun. The valleys. The weather! Oh my heck. I am SO excited. {p.s. we have some pretty exciting news that I will share in a couple of weeks :)}

Okay, one more thing. The mister and I will be in Canada for the next week, so I may or may not be able to post. Please forgive me for my lack of posts lately. We have been in the middle of moving, homeless, in the car for hours and hours...and hours. And we will be in a completely different country for the next week, so my posts may be lacking there too.

Have a lovely Friday!


  1. Oh wow! I hope you have a wonderful time in Canada, and I hope California treats you well :) Your pictures are lovely - your brothers look so happy :) AND my little sister is having a baby soon too! Hooray for becoming aunts!


  2. You did a beautiful job with their pictures!!!

    And Happy Birthday to your grandma!!

  3. Just found your blog. So so cute! Looking forward to reading :)

  4. The pictures are so pretty! Great job!