Thursday, August 16, 2012


Calinadatah = California-Canada-Utah {and then back to Texas}

Wow, what an adventure {that's not even over yet}! This past month {literally}, Jordan and I have been all over the place! First stop was in California to find a place to live {which, I have a very exciting surprise to announce at the end of the month!!!!}, then to Utah so we could then drive up to Canada to spend time with the mister's family.

My husband's family has been going to Waterton, Canada for a very long time. This was my first time going. And it was SO much fun!

Here are some of the things we did in Canada:
Lots and lots of hiking
Eating ice cream every night {at the Big Scoop! So good!}
More hiking
Feeding squirrels
Napping after hikes

Cameron Lake Trail
The first hike we did, doesn't really have a name because it goes through a couple different mountains/lakes. The lake behind us is Lake Cameron, so we just called it the Cameron Lake Trail Hike. 

 This was about 2 miles into the hike. I don't remember the name of that lake.....but it's pretty!

This bird was SO funny! She tried to stop us on our hike and attacked us if we tried to pass her. I think she was defending her nest or something, but it was super funny. She tried to nip at our ankles {though not mine, fortunately}. As you can see though, she was not afraid of us. 

See the mountain face behind us? We stopped to rest for a bit and saw 4 mountain goats just kind of hop up to the top of the mountain! It was really cool to see how easily they did something that most people can't do. 

On the way down from the hike {we started and finished in different places, so we went over the whole mountain}, there is a glacier {which basically looked like a giant snow pile}. Jordan loves sliding down it, but from where we started, the hill was just steep enough that we couldn't see it. Oh my heck, it was SO scary {and freezing!!}. But I sucked it up and did it anyway. It was terrifying still. 

 Bear's Hump
The next day we climbed up the face of a mountain to make it to the top of Bear's Hump. It was actually a lot of fun and not too scary. Also, please pretend that I don't look super awkward in this picture, haha.

{Isn't it so beautiful? The background I mean}

And we fed some chipmunks. Oh my goodness, it was SO cute watching them! They would steal the nuts out of your hand! Some times they would run away, but other times, they would eat it right in front of you. One of the chipmunks kept putting them whole into his mouth. Pretty soon his cheeks were huge! It was hilarious to watch!

{The whole family at the top of Bear's Hump}

 Red Rock River
For this one, we essentially hiked up a river. And goodness, it was so gorgeous and totally worth it, but freezing! That water comes directly from glaciers. Like the name suggests, there were some really gorgeous red rocks. 

{As you can see, we were really trying to stay out of the water}

 {Me and the mister}
{Jordan really didn't want to go in the water, haha}

 {But, he did. As you can see, it was pretty cold}

{Pretty picture, pretty waterfall. Oh and my hair looks pretty amazing, huh?}

 Akamina Trail Hike
This hike is only kind of a real hike. It's not even on some of the maps. People started hiking here within the last five years, so there's a trail along some of the way, but it's not super well defined in some places.

 See that snow drift in the background? Yeah, we had to climb over that, and it was terrifying.

See what I mean?? Super steep, scary, and barely a trail. I was so scared at this part. Haha, I kept my eyes on the ground to make sure I didn't misstep.

But at least the view was totally worth it! So gorgeous!

Again, scary steepness. 

And I'm smiling because it was almost the end!! Haha, that was the scariest hike ever. We basically climbed up a mountain, walked across three mountain peaks, and then came back down the other side. You can't even see the top of the mountain we climbed {behind us} because it was so high {and did I mention scary??}

Anyway, maybe more pictures to come, but that's all I have on my computer right now. I have to admit though: Canada was lots of fun, but I was really glad to come home and sleep in a real bed :) {that didn't deflate every night, but that's another story}


  1. Holy cow! That looks amazing! I'd be way too scared to hike on something that wasn't on a map though...scary and awesome :)

  2. Funny, my aunt and her family were just camping up there in waterton last month! looks gorgeous!!!

  3. Lovely blog...looks like you had a great time and great weather.


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