Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lovely Linky: Is That Normal?

I have to admit, I kind of love link up parties. People are so clever! I found this one as I was blog-stalking the lovely lady over at the {mr.} & the {mrs.}. It's from Allyce {what an awesome name! ;) } over at Chalk in the Rain {such a cute blog that I just discovered!}
Soo, here's a picture because blogs are always better with pictures and corresponding stories. This was my husbands first solo flight in the T-38 (which is a fighter/bomber trainer for the Air Force). He had just gotten back, and as you can see he was still alive and well. 

I know it's not really normal to be a pilot in the Air Force, 
so this picture is not normal ;)

Anywho, here goes! {p.s. how would you answer these questions??}

1. Is it normal to lie about your age?
Since I'm only 22, I don't really feel the need to lie about my age. 
Unless some creepy guy is hitting on me. Then I would say I was 15 or something. 
{Except now I can just say I'm married}
So no, not normal.

2.  Is it normal to have mistaken someone for the opposite sex?
It kind of depends. Have you ever seen someone and could not tell for your life if it was a boy or girl??? I have had that experience. 
Also, with girls having really short haircuts and guys having really long hair, 
sometimes, especially at first glance, you can't really tell.
So yes, it's normal.

3. Is it normal to go #2 in a public restroom?
Ugh, I hate going to the bathroom in any public restroom and I would definitely hold it if I had to go #2. So for me, it is not normal.

4.  Is it normal to sit RIGHT NEXT TO a stranger at the movie theater?
Unless the theater is packed, no. 
But I've sat next to a complete stranger before. 
But generally, no, it's not normal.

5.  Is it normal to lie about your weight?
For this one, I would have to say yes. Not because I weigh so much,
but I still don't like giving out my weight because 
I don't want others to either
get upset (that they weigh more) or
tell me I need to gain weight (haha)
Maybe I shouldn't care.
But yes, it's normal. 

6.  Is it normal to sing and dance in the car?
Totally normal. 

7.  Is it normal to take self-pictures in public?
Generally, not normal. 
Just ask someone that looks nice and honest to take your picture for you.

8.  Is it normal for women to have a gun license?
Why not? Women should be just as prepared to defend their family, children, etc.
Plus, I think it's all around just smart for every one to be educated on guns
And I will probably have a gun license someday.
So yes, normal. 

9. Is it normal to post pictures online of yourself in a bikini?
Ummmm....no. Nope. Sorry. I don't want to see that.
I don't really agree with the whole bikini thing anyway.
So yeah, not normal. Please don't post pictures

10.  Is it normal to like the smell of gasoline?
I'm probably super weird, but I kind of like the smell of gasoline. 
So normal for me? Maybe not for everyone else :)


  1. auw thanks for the sweet compliment!! I'm so glad you're linking up today because it helped me find your blog too! I'm now following you and your adorb blog! :)
    Have a happy Tuesday!

  2. Are you really only 22? Thats nuts. :)

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  3. Don't worry Elyse, I'm only 22 too! I feel so young telling people that. Haha Anyway, I love reading your blog, so I nominated you for an award. Enjoy! :)