Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Letters: Graduation Edition

Today, my husband graduated from the Undergraduate Pilot Training program (UPT) at Laughlin AFB. 

{In the top picture, Jordan is receiving his "wings" from one of the commanders,
in the bottom picture, I am pinning his wings onto his uniform.}

Let me tell you a couple of things about this graduation/pilot training:

1. It has taken over a year.
2. He has worked 12-hour days, 5 days a week.
3. He has studied his little tush off.
4. He studied for and answered over 600 test questions. {and may I just add, that he earned the top academic score in his entire class of 28 with a 99.5% accuracy, missing only 5 questions. Oh and P.S. he also earned another award distinguishing him for Outstanding Citizenship}
5. He logged over 200 flight hours.
6. He sometimes came home feeling like he wouldn't make it through the program.
7. It was so so stressful.
8. We met some really amazing people.
9. It's a big deal.
10. I am so grateful to him for all the hard work he put in. 

The Air Force began this pilot training program in Laughlin AFB 50 years ago this year. In those 50 years, they have only pinned wings onto 12,000 pilots. 


How lucky are we to be a part of that small number. We are so grateful to our families, the instructors, the Air Force, and most especially our Heavenly Father. We feel so blessed for the opportunities we've been given and hope that we can in some small way repay this debt.

And without further ado, Friday letters:

Dear Jordan, You are amazing. You are my hero. I am so grateful for all the hard work you've put in this past year. You really deserve this. Dear in-laws, I'm so grateful you guys came in for the ceremony and graduation. Your support has made a huge difference in our lives and has really helped Jordan out this past year. Dear Dad, Thanks for coming out! We were so happy and grateful to receive your support. Dear class of 12-10, CONGRATS!! You did it! You made it through one of the most difficult, trying years of your lives. And you have something amazing to show for it. Dear wives/finances/girlfriends of 12-10 class, Thank you for the unity and support you all provided. I was so grateful for that support system as a spouse. Dear Me, Whew! You made it to! Del Rio wasn't as bad as you thought and you have made some pretty unforgettable friends. Dear Del Rio, Thanks for not being as bad as everyone else made you out to be. You do have some fun things to do here. 

Today was definitely a Friday to be remembered.

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