Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lovely Linky: Genri Lee

I have never ever in my blogging life done a link-up, so here goes. 

{funny(ish) picture}
{Once I was really cool and so were my roommates, so we took some pictures to show how cool we were}
{I'm in the middle, ps}

Seven Questions from Gentri Lee

1. If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?
 I don't know if this counts as a superpower, but I would choose 
super smart as my super power.
Then it wouldn't take me two hours to make a blog button :)

2. If you could hold the world record for something, what would it be for and why?
I once saw a guy break the world record for clothespins put onto his face.
But if I were to hold the world record for something, it would be something cool like
most times skydived
or most mountains climbed
or fastest mile run
but if I'm going to be at least somewhat realistic,
I should say most TV episodes watched 

3. What is the weirdest thing you've ever eaten? 
I don't generally go for the weird foods, 
but I have enjoyed a palm heart or two in my day

4. Where would you hide something if you didn't want it to be found? 
In our laundry basket
Just kidding {slightly}
If I really wanted to hide something, I would put it on my computer
because even I don't know how to find things I've put there 

5. What is one of your Spring and/ or Easter traditions?
Dye eggs and then make colorful deviled eggs 
{exciting and unique, I know}

6. Would you rather have to make all of your own clothes (including patterns), cook dinner from scratch every night, or walk everywhere you wanted to go?
If I made my own clothes, I'd probably look like a hobo
and if I walked every where, I'd likely not go far
So I think I'd settle for making dinner from scratch every night
I just can't promise how good it'll be

7. What is your most embarrassing moment?
Once I was not feeling so well
while I was out shopping with my mom
 And I threw up
right outside the store front  

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