Tuesday, January 24, 2012

DIY: Cute Ruffle apron! {I pinned it, I did it series}

Ruffles! Any guesses as to what this is??

I found this pattern here, and I just LOVED it! So I had to try it myself :)

Here's what you'll need:
Sewing Machine
Grosgrain Ribbon
Measuring tape or board

This is what I did.

First, pick out your fabrics. You'll need seven 3 inch strips and one 18 inch by 22 inch rectangle. I wanted to go for a modern vintage look, so the fabrics I chose looked kind of like that.

Next, cut your base fabric into one 18 inch by 22 inch rectangle. I wanted something really simple, so my base fabric is pretty plain.

Once you've cut your base fabric out, sew a 1/4 inch seam in all four sides.

Then cut out your fabric strips {that's soap in case you were wondering--I use it to mark the fabric; easy on, easy off}. You will need seven 3 inch by 44 inch strips. Once you've cut your strips out, sew a 1/4 inch seam on 3 sides (both short sides and one long side).

Got that?

K, next, you want to sew across the top, but don't back stitch on either side. THEN {here's the hard-ish part} pull the top thread until it starts to bunch together. You'll likely have to move the bunched up part down toward the end until it's bunched all the way across the top {as pictured below}. Do this for each of the seven strips.

Now, decide the order you want your ruffled up fabrics in, pin them down, and just sew across! Make sure that you start at the bottom and work your way up, that way you can cover the sewn part with the next ruffle.

Are you excited? {We're almost done!}

Sadly, I did not document this next part very well, but here's where you need your grosgrain ribbon. You should have a little space on the top to cover up the last ruffle, so that is where you will pin your ribbon. It should line up with the top of apron.

I did a zig zag stitch across the middle first {go slow! this part is a little bit hard}. Then, to make it durable, I sewed a straight stitch across the top and the bottom.

So to add my own little touch, I wanted to put in a little something extra. Several years ago, my grandma gave me some sewing stuff, including some very vintage buttons.

So I just hand sewed a couple of buttons onto one of the aprons I made {did you notice there were two different aprons? I gave one to each of my sisters-in-law}

And then you're done!

{P.S. Don't make fun of my pictures, these are all iPhone pics :) I think they actually came out half decent for a cell phone.}

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